Small and Spicy - De Olifant Fantje Cigars

Dutch Puffs

Knowing I like to carry small 'espresso-sized' cigars around with me for that (rare) sunshine + outdoor cafe/pub moment, a friend passed on this dainty little box of ten De Olifant Fantje cigarillos.

De Olifant is a Dutch company that was established in 1826 and still makes its cigars at its original factory in Kampen, Holland using original equipment. My friend tells me that De Olifant has a fine reputation for making punchy little cigars. Not sure what fantje means in Dutch. It's Slovenian for boys.

Kampen looks very nice from what I've seen of it and it's only an hour from Amsterdam, gents, for when you're next in that city. Maybe we'll take a charabanc over from Tweed Towers sometime.

De Olifant Fantje is a flavour-packed little smoke, spicy and rich with a splendid aroma. One will last about five minutes. Nice enjoyed with a glass of La Trappe Dubbel outside a Dutch boozer in the sunshine, whilst tapping your brogues to the jazz playing inside.

Because of their size, the cigarillos can dry out quickly so get them in your humidor quick sharp.


  1. Dear Tweed Pig,

    Being a dutchman I had to comment. Fantje is a nickname for a small elephant (olifant) in Dutch...

  2. Ah, small elephant. I might have guessed. Thanks for the info.


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