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Olympic Preparations

Our preparations for the London Olympics are going well. We've noted the dates to avoid visiting London and we've watched Chariots of Fire.

I suppose we ought to think about dressing appropriately to welcome visitors to the UK. But what to wear? A sporting touch, perhaps. Obvously, we're not thinking of slipping into lycra ourselves.

Olympic Spectator's Uniform

To get into the Olympic mood, our friends at Dunhill have a couple of printed silk ties with an understated sporting theme - the Red Torch Print Tie and the fetching Red Cyclist Print Tie. Add a nice navy blazer, some white or red trousers, a gin-and-tonic in hand and I'd say you would be all set for some serious spectating.

Official Olympic Uniform

If you wish to avoid looking like an Olympic official, avoid grey jackets with fluorescent blue piping this summer. That's the official London Olympics uniform below. Sponsored by British high-street clothes chain Next, it's meant to reflect British sporting heritage, the likes of Henley and Wimbledon, with "British quirkiness and modern design."

I'm not sure about it. All looks a bit fire hazard and flimsy. Looking at the photograph, I'm trying to work out what it's saying about Britain in 2012. Maybe it will grow on me, maybe it's designed to come across well on mobile phone-sized screens. The charmless, over-designed logo never has though, and I've given it long enough. Lets compare and contrast with the Ralph Lauren Wimbledon effort. H'm. I'd be interested to know your thoughts.

Alternative Games #1 - World Alternative Games

If the actual Olympics all seem a bit lycra-heavy and serious, Llanwrtyd Wells - a Welsh town with the claim to be the smallest city in Britain - is hosting the World Alternative Games.

Here you will get a chance to be a competitor and take part in such sporting events as Man versus Horse and Wife Carrying.

World Alternative Games 2012, 17th August 2012 to 2nd September 2012

Alternative Games #2 - The Chap Olympiad

Spoilt for choice this year, there's also the annual Chap Olympiad in London organised by The Chap magazine. They offer the enticing opportunity of "pitting your finest trouser creases against another man's, or seeing who can hurl a plate of cucumber sandwiches with the most panache". 

The Chap Olympiad 7th-8th July 2012, Bedford Square Gardens, London


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