Music to Button a Cardigan By: The Last of the Melting Snow

The Leisure Society

We'll be putting the clocks forward for Spring next week. This pasisng of time reminded me of two things: that warmer weather is on the way and that we've neglected the Music to Button a Cardigan By series.

Fitting perhaps (or convenient) that we choose The Last of the Melting Snow by indie-folk band The Leisure Society as our next tune. Lovely soft record. Perfect for buttoning an Aran cardigan with leather buttons.

The Leisure Society was formed by the singer of the band Nicholas Hemming from Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire. Burton is home of the mighty Bass beer, founded in 1777 but now owned by the people who produce that terrible American Budweiser beer - the one that has to be drunk almost frozen to disguise the taste. The pub close to Tweed Towers serves Bass straight from the barrel. Excellent beer when well kept. Anyway, I'm digressing wildly. We're here to talk about The Leisure Society. Last of the Melting Snow was released in 2008. Four years on and it's still getting airplay at Tweed Towers. Eminently cardigan fastening-worthy and a future classic. Tuck it away on your iPod and it will age beautifully.

A varied collection of sweaters in the video below. No cardigans.

Tweedy's Note: This might intrigue you - The Leisure Society made an interesting cover of Gary Numan's Cars. 


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