William Halstead - Masters of Mohair

William Halstead's Little Book of Mohair

I have in front of me The Little Book of Mohair produced by William Halstead. William Halstead has been weaving fine mohair and worsted cloths since 1875, and operating from their Stanley Mill in Bradford, England since 1889. The photo below is of Halstead's weaving shed in 1875. They are still Bradford-owned and based.

What to Look for In Mohair...Essentially a Halstead Label

Mohair is derived from the hair of the angora goat. The Little Book of Mohair explains its qualities: its excellent insulation properties - superior to wool, and the fact that it's the most durable of all natural fibres. The smoothness and sheen of mohair means that it also dyes exceptionally well and proves resistant to fading. Its lightness makes it perfect for summer suits.

Then we get down to grades of mohair, which is all about the fineness. You'll be interested in the best, I'll wager, which comes from the young angoras (6-12 months) who produce the finest and softest super kid or summer kid mohair from their first shearing. This mohair is used in the best suiting cloths.

Sourcing the finest kid mohair, William Halstead are the only UK producer licensed to weave the famous Camdeboo mohair from South Africa.

I don't have a lot of mohair in my wardrobe. After reading this book, I feel I need more. Maybe you will too: The Little Book of Mohair.  

Bond Connection

Gentlemen, we have a Halstead link to James Bond. Halstead produced mohair cloth for Scabal, which was then used by Brioni to make Pierce Brosnan's James Bond dinner suit. Well, nobody does it better.


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