Baracuta Tweed

Ace Faces Wear Tweed

What do you do if you're the Ace Face on your manor and you're wanting to add a bit of tweed into your wardrobe? Thankfully, Baracuta have resolved this dilemma by reproducing the classic G4 Harrington jacket in Harris tweed.

Made in England, the slim-fit G4 is part of Baracuta's 137 project, celebrating the heritage of the company since it was founded in 1937.

Now the Ace Face doesn't have to stick to the predictable "Ivy league jackets and white buckskin shoes."

Talking of Baracuta's Heritage

Baracuta reported to Tweed Towers that their Monaco G37 double-breasted cotton trench coat is proving very popular. Let's remind ourselves of its provenance by presenting it against a charming advertisement from Baracuta's past. Baracuta's tag line was the aristocrat of tailored rainwear back then. Maybe with the Monaco it's seeking out that position again?


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