The Wet Pack - Daines and Hathaway

The Military Wet Pack wraps up all your grooming essentials

As we continue to point out at The Tweed Pig, when it comes to timeless classics you'll often find a military connection. In the case of the Military Wet Pack from English leather goods maker Daines and Hathaway the name is a bit of a giveaway.

The style of the wet pack is similar to the standard issue kit of a British Army officer in the early 20th century. Such is its robustness, you can well imagine it being packed for front line ablutions. I hope I'm capturing its handsomeness in the photos.

Inside there are lots of pockets in its green waterproof lining. Plenty of room for stuffing in all your grooming items and then buckling it up for your trip.

At your destination, you simply unfurl and hang. The buckle serves as a loop to hang the pack.

The bridle leather has a lovely waxy feel. You can feel the quality and the craftsmanship when you hold it in your hand. Nice colour too. It's going to age beautifully.

Daines and Hathaway - British Classic

Daines and Hathway was established in 1922 in the English midlands town of Walsall. The founders, William Daines and Charles Hathaway, were leather specialists. And the company has achieved renown for crafting high-quality leather goods for almost a century. Their factory is still based in Walsall, which is fantastic. The products are produced using high grade leather supplied by Pittards, who is based in the West Country of England. Great provenance. Just the sort of company The Tweed Pig takes great pleasure in covering.

Ablute in Style this Christmas

We have a few weeks to go until Christmas, so I suggest you mail this post to your wife or loved one 'by mistake'. Who knows, there may be one waiting under a tree for you on Christmas day.


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