Fox Brothers Week - The Brady Bags Bunch with Nigel Cabourn

Nigel Cabourn Collaborates with Brady Bags to Create Fishing Bags Using Fox Brothers Cloth

I spotted the bag above in the 14oz shop in Berlin and thought it an essential for our Fox Brothers week. What we have here is a three-way British connection between Nigel Cabourn, Brady Bags and Fox Brothers. Nigel Cabourn designed, cloth supplied by Fox Brothers, made by Brady Bags in England. Lovely to see it in 14oz, nestled in a display amongst the Tricker's and Barbour that was like a shrine to Britishness.

Nigel has collaborated with Brady to create two styles of fishing bag: The Handy Fishing Bag (above) and the Great Scott Fishing Bag (below).

Homing in on the detail, we have leather trims and straps. The jute netting is hand-made and hand-knotted in Britain. The Fox Brothers country check cloths chosen for the outers look very distinctive. I half knew I'd be seeing their label before I got close enough to the bag in 14oz. Perfect for spending some time along the banks of the river Dee, thinking Izaak Walton-like thoughts.

PS: More on Brady Bags in a future post. Tweedy.



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