Winter Shirts - Tattersalls

The Tweed Pig's finding the weather quite parky in the UK right now. Rummaging through my winter shirts to step out for some Christmas shopping this morning, I couldn't find my beloved Barbour tattersall shirt. Think it's gone, but not sure where. I'm now down to one tattersall. It's from Charles Tyrwhitt. Not a shop I buy from usually, but their tattersalls were (at the time I bought mine at least, but I don't think they sell them any more) made from a mix of wool and cotton. The wool is important. It gives the shirt the obvious warmth, but also a certain softened flannel look. After Barbour stopped making tattersalls with wool, it was hard to find retailers that did. The cut of the collar and the fact that you can add collar stiffeners to the Tyrwitt makes it look a cut-above. You could get a similar one from somewhere like Cordings, but I'm happy to go high-street if they get it right.

Okay. So shirt chosen and added to a navy blue extra-fine merino crew neck, heavy brown cords and brown suede brogues, Tweedy's ready to step out. If the Christmas market is set up, I might just treat myself to a mulled wine.


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