Under My Umbrella

Folding Umbrellas

I bought a Fox umbrella a few years ago. Solidly built, it's still going strong and performing wonderfully.

I like how tightly wound it can be and how slim as a result.  I much prefer full-length umbrellas, they bring out the inner Steed in me and are great for tapping along the pavement, should the weather prove clement, or pointing things out to companions. It's always been too long to pack away for trips abroad, but now help is at hand.

Two alternatives attract me here. One from Fox Umbrellas themselves and another from Swaine Adeney Brigg - both producing wonderful packable full-length umbrellas for travelling. There's a touch of the hired assassin fitting his rifle together about them too.


  1. Looks nice. How does your umbrella perform under gusty wind conditions? Would you recommend a full-length umbrella for the shorter man, like me?

  2. It performs well in all conditions, even in 'two-hander' winds. I'd recommend you go for the longest length you can accommodate.


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