John Smedley - The Other Woman

My first John Smedley sweater a the three-button collared shirt in merino wool. Very sharp. I loved it and wore and wore it. Casual, acid jazzer, mod, preppy - they work with any clean-cut look. And I've always gone for the clean-cut look.

Since then, my love for John Smedley has remained a constant. Mrs Tweedy has come to understand this and knows that in the event of fire I'll be carrying out my collection of Smedleys and leaving her to her own devices.

I love their sea island summer polo shirts as much as their extra fine merinos and have also sampled the baby cashmere and 'one' range. I've also made more than one pilgrimage to the factory shop in Derbyshire. There you'll usually find one or more Japanese tourists loading up. They know quality and they appreciate British clothing heritage — probably more than ourselves.

You can be as casual or as smart as you want with a Smedley. They are an essential in any well-dressed man's wardrobe. I will probably drool over Smedleys in many posts to come - be warned.


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