Prince Charles Shoe Polish

It says something about me, but I kept a photo of Prince Charles' shoes as my desktop background for a while. I marvelled at their shine and their almost knackeredness, the juxtaposition with the trouser cloth. I imagined his love for them, the smile on his face as he greeted his two old friends once more - always there for him over the years, ever dependable. I understood that. Nothing showy or ostentatious, but shouting style in a whisper. I think he dresses incredibly well.

Whenever I'm in Italy, a country that respects classic style, he is often held up as beacon of the English look that they try to emulate. These shoes are the epitome of that style, but I think they're a bridge too far for most Italians. They don't much go for shabby chic. It's a remarkable feat (for feet) that they have held together long enough to achieve that patina and crustiness, like a vintage bottle of port.

Would I patch-up a pair of my shoes? Not sure, but patched and polished has never looked so good.


  1. Once a year, I make a special appointment with my shoes to strip them off old polish and repolish them. Normally around Christmas time when everything slows down and I'm forced home by short days, cold weather and snow. I polish them regularly though but, must confess, haven't really investigated into proper shoe polish or wax - I collect shoe polish sponges from my hotel stays and use these. Could you offer me some guidance or recommend any products that work for your shoes? I'm somewhat clueless. Thanks

  2. We all have our special way of polishing shoes, though I'm no fan of the hotel sponges. They leave an undesirable coating, to my mind. I can only say that when I box mine away for winter/summer I normally coat with polish to 'rest' in. When they're in action, a regular standard polish after wiping off the wet and mud. Maybe suede shoes are the answer!


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