Vienna - The Acceptable Face of Coffee

Now that Starbucks have said they'll be opening a tea room, we're not going to be contrary and go all coffee on you. Tea is the national drink and we will defend it to the last teapot. But when In Vienna...

Vienna is a coffee society. The café is their pub. If you're a visitor, you'll no doubt have found a favourite café. I'd found one or two I liked on previous visits, but this time I asked around to see if I'd missed any hidden gems. I was given tips and I tried them. It turns out I hadn't.

My three favourites remained unchanged. And you can be smartly dressed in these and not feel out of place. Always a bonus.

Café Sperl 1880

Café Sperl is the most formal of my picks. A nice, quiet café. People speak in hushed tones. It felt inappropriate to take photos, but I sneaked a little one out where nobody was sitting.

Sperl is notable for the unchanged interior including carom billiards tables. I'm sure the interior will be protected. I hope so.

Café Prückel 1903

Café Prückel has a 1950s utilitarian feel inside, with modernist touches. Less touristy because of its location, out of centre but walkable.

The house special is Prückel Cream - a mocha with whipped cream.

Café Central 1876

Café Central is perhaps the most famous of the three. Certainly the largest and with one of the nicest interiors. Cavernous with cathedral-like vaulted ceilings, the Café is well-known for being the meeting place for famous and infamous 20th century thinkers.

Look brainy as you sip your coffee.


  1. good choice.

  2. Hi and greetings from Graz. Nice post. You don't include Cafe Hawelka?

    1. Hawelka is okay, but a bit shabby. Last time I visited the staff were indifferent to the point of rudeness. I slapped a gentle ban on it. Tweedy


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