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Paul Smith Being Saucy

Developed in 1899, the HP Sauce brand has been with us since 1903, the year of the first Tour de France.

It's been splashed on chops and sausages for over a hundred years. The name is derived from the Houses of Parliament. I always thought the classic bottle shape was too. Of course, times change and it's now a Heinz product and produced by our neighbours in the Netherlands. Is there an artisanal British maker of chop sauce out there? If so, I'd like to know. 

HP's Paul Smith-designed bottle was one of the quirkier collaborations by the designer. The bottles were sold by Harrods in 2005 and I imagine many remain untouched as collectibles. I spotted a newer collaboration recently, the HP Guinness. I drowned a crispy bacon sandwich in the stuff and I must say there was a distinctly yeasty finish in the taste. Not too bad.


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