The Jumper to Trump all Jumpers

They did it. Those crazy geniuses at Aero Leather Clothing actually did it. You will rightly associate Aero Leather Clothing with their famous best-in-class leather and military-inspired clothing, particularly their classic flying jackets, but they also put in a sterling effort to create classic pullovers. The latest is a replica of the most famous jumper known to man.

The Aero Limited Edition Edward VIII Long Sleeve Fair Isle is based on the much discussed — and super jazzy — Fair Isle sweater worn by the Duke of Windsor in the portrait Royal Friends by John St Helier Lander.

The jumper has been machine-knitted with a hand-knit look in limited numbers. The pullover may never come around again. Strike swift, strike sure. The fit is classic and true to the original, as are all vintage-inspired items supplied by Aero.

Just look at those colours — the teal stripes at the sleeve and those orange squares. They've woven love into a mad jazz pattern. Just add cocktails and laughter.

Properly fleecy hand knit

If you  don't have the nerve for the Fair Isle sweater or you insist on hand-knitted and super warm at the jumper layer, particularly in January, then Aero provides some properly fleecy housing.

The Hand Knitted Harris Wool Roll Neck Sweater is a fisherman style of sweater that is hand-knitted by Harris folk on the Isle of Harris from Harris wool made from hardy Harris sheep. The heavy wool and stocking stitch offers great wind and rain protection.

Aero deals directly with the weavers and knitters on the Isle of Harris to secure these knits. Sadly, Aero's hope for a hand-knit Harris cable stitch sweater was dashed, as there are only so many hand knitters around.

The polo neck also comes in green and blue shades. All nice, but I think the ginger one is a great colour. I've always wanted a Bowie shade of ginger hair. I can manage a ginger beard, but the old hair comes out stubbornly blonde. If you dig the ginger too, you can complement with a matching pair hand-knitted socks.


  1. Well done them for trying, but I think I prefer the more muted palette in the painting.


    1. Bold is the word, Tony. What surrounds it would tone it down: there's the challenge. Best wishes, Tweedy

  2. Hello Tweedy. Having shown this article to my wife she promptly ordered me one. It arrived today and the photo is a bit deceptive. It’s not as bright in real life and the pattern is softer. Maybe it’s how it was photographed.
    A great find.
    Thank you.

    1. Hello Ross. Great news. Look after it. If you feel like sharing photos... Best wishes, Tweedy


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