Impeccable Winter Colours

Ede & Ravenscroft have provided timeless outfits for clean-cut chaps year after year since 1689. Timeless to a point; that point being the late-eighteenth century when Beau Brummell ushered in the 'modern' mode of dress. You won't see many tricorn hats or stockings and lace collars in recent collections. Some, but not many.

Eternal winter
Ede always brings us impeccable winter colours. The photograph above is from a catalogue that's perhaps a decade old, possibly older, but you wouldn't know. And I didn't. I saw the tie and looked to see if it was available. Silly me. Same too with the green sweater below. A glorious jumper, but from a past season.

Clothes of heaven
Ede can also be relied upon to introduce some great winter fabrics with those winter colours. There is heavenly harmony from the combination of purple corduroy trousers and matching tie beneath the sweater (above). The raglan-sleeved Donegal tweed overcoat finishes the job nicely. You will hunt far and wide to find a more nicely put together outfit. You might get close, but you won't find better.

Ede comes close time and again with a pleasing use of corduroy and moleskin at the trouser end of the proceedings.

Rummaging through more recent offerings, let's demonstrate the continuity of Ede's excellence. You can see how themes and hues are repeated.

We have the Ainsley micro-check shirt and Yellow Duck Silk and Cotton tie.

I'm hoping we can see a little of the tie poking out of the Kyle Green Crewneck Cashmere Sweater below. Will it fit under a jacket? We can but try. If not, we can put under something like the Donegal tweed overcoat.

We can't finish without some corduroy. The Tyler Blue Corduroy Trousers have a single pleat to suggest the agelessness we seek.


  1. A virtually identical tie is currently available at Drake's factory shop, down to £35 with the 70% off too!


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