British Vintage Boxing

British Vintage Boxing was founded by boxing and fitness trainer Zen Martinoli. His aim is to bring 'vintage inspired sportswear to a new generation of ardent gentlemen, reasserting what it means to be British, bold and spirited.'

British Vintage Boxing is also official merchandiser for British boxing legend and quintessential English gentleman Sir Henry Cooper. Henry was never anything less than polite and courteous. Soft-spoken and good-natured outside the ring, Henry had a fighter's spirit when it mattered — the perfect combination. He was "our 'Enry" and fully deserved the recognition he received.

Wonderfully cockney face
Possibly more so than the Kray twins, Henry was a man with the most wonderfully cockney face you might ever see. We should demand a biopic directed by Guy Ritchie with Jason Statham playing Henry. If we want to end on his career peak, the film should end when "'Enry's 'ammer" flattens Muhammad Ali.
Respectfully Victorious
Here we see Henry exercising with his twin brother George, also a decent boxer, as were the Kray twins.

The stride in the step of the Cooper twins below has a late-50s Kray twins feel about it too.

Sportswear for the ardent gentleman

For the gym, or running down a bombed-out street with a towel wrapped around your neck like the Cooper twins, British Vintage Boxing has a collection of classic cotton marl jersey gym kit.
For rugged workouts
The sportswear is made in Portugal and designed for rugged workouts. I don't want to see you going to the office in this kit, comfortable as it is.

The Henry Cooper range includes the navy marl t-shirt with black graphic print below. A charcoal version is also available. I'm looking forward to seeing what else is introduced to the range. As Henry would acknowledge, triumph comes in chapters; so don your kit and start working on your greatness.


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