Strike Swift, Strike Sure

If you wish to achieve the results you are hoping for in life, be sure to strike swift, strike sure. Procrastinate and die should be the motto.

To the victor belong the spoils
I discussed this theme with friend of The Tweed Pig, John from Flint, Michigan, concerning an elusive pair of green woollen gloves. John missed an opportunity and was now unable to locate anything closely resembling the original pair. I feel the pain. Personal losses include a missed vicuña overcoat and an extremely thick tweed jacket in a most unusual dusty pink. I could list others, but I don't wish to flagellate myself further. The items still haunt my dreams with what-ifs and could-have-beens. Do we ever get over these losses? Trust your instinct is the key. You know you won't return to the shop a second time that day. You know that pair of trousers will be too popular to make it to the sales. Deep down you'll know what you should do. To the victor belong the spoils. If you want to share on any ones that got away, feel free to add a comment below.

Chewed up dynamite
An instinct for the right thing to do is very much within the make-up of a successful assassin like Archibald Bull. Archibald is the character in Strike Swift, Strike Sure , which was originally released by Commando in 1969 and has been made available again.

Archibald, a British Commando and explosives expert, is the type of chap who 'chewed up dynamite and spat out Mills bombs'. In Strike Swift, Strike Sure, the story of a 'headstrong Commando with a knack for demolition', Archie upsets the top brass enough to be replaced in his demolition role for a deadly mission by a Royal Engineer Sergeant.

We join Archie and his Commandos in battle and see who's the real boss. Hint: It's the decisive one, the one who can think on his feet; or rather act without thinking. So when you next see that lemon v-neck cashmere sweater, act like an assassin.


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