A Modernist Tale

What do mods eat when they're at the cinema? I wouldn't think it would be popcorn. No one looks cool scoffing popcorn. Plus there's the fear of crumbs spilling over your clothes. I think a puff of a classic cigarette brand at a screening — for contemplative reasons — would probably suffice, with an espresso at Bar Italia afterwards to discuss the merits of the film.
Hunger is the best sauce
The insidious danger of cinematic crumbs aside, any self-respecting mod, or any person with self-respect, will be hungry to see the documentary JOHN SIMONS A MODERNIST by Mono Media. Hunger is the best sauce. Produced by Jason Jules, Lee Cogswell and Mark Baxter, the documentary tells 'the story of British menswear's best kept secret'.

Youthquake's epicentre
John Simons is rightly acknowledged as the godfather of the British mod aesthetic, finding the sweetest spot at an intersection of influences including the Ivy League style, new wave cinema and modern jazz, which fused into a movement and forward-thinking way of looking at the world that was uniquely British — an early youthquake, if you will, with London and John Simons HQ at its epicentre, and one that still reverberates decades later.
DVD ownership mandatory
With informed contributions from the likes of Paul Weller, Kevin Rowland and Suggs, unless you wish for friends and neighbours to chastise you, a copy of the JOHN SIMONS A MODERNIST DVD really should be added next to your well-watched copies of Quadrophenia, Blow Up, Take It or Leave It and Absolute Beginners.


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