The Military Two-Step

Blakey's Military Pack

Since 1880, Blakey's continue to make and supply cast-metal shoe plates, segs and tips to protect the nation's shoes, particularly the boots of those who protect the nation.

To preserve the life of my shoes, I normally have sunken metal toe caps and metal heel sections added by my cobbler as soon as I bring them into the fold. Depends on the type of shoe, of course. I enjoy the well-heeled sound when walking, but I also appreciate the added protection. Failing that, I'll happily call on a Blakey's seg.
Gardening duty
You wouldn't want to add it to your Manolo Blahnik opera pumps, but I do like the look of Blakey's tough-looking Military Pack of heel plates, toe plates and treble hobs.

Intended for parade shoes, and ammunition and drill boots, I think this arrangement of shoe hardware might make an excellent addition to my gardening shoes. If you want to know how to dress like a gardening expert, look here.

In place, the plates and hobnails look like this:

An Immortal Sole

If you wish to go the whole hog, with boots already attached to the plates and hobnails, you could search out a something similar to the 1945 British Army Issue Ammunition Boot tracked down by Classic Shoes for Men.

Lumme! Talk about an immortal sole!

Now all you need to do is hot spoon the dimples away and give them a good old bulling British Army-style.

The Irish Guards (or 'Micks') will show you how to do it here.


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