Kingsman - Pinstripe Roars Back

Pinstripe for Heroes

There is something about pinstripe that whispers seriousness. Seriousness never shouts. Favoured by bankers and gentlemen villains, leaders of men, the cloth projects dynamism and certitude. A man in a pinstripe suit — worn with black Oxford shoes, a white shirt with cutaway collar and club tie, and with a classic barbershop-style cologne — is a man who knows to which port he sails.
Cloth for a more serious age
Perhaps the reason we're seeing more and more pinstripe is that we're entering a more serious age. Either that or a new Kingsman film is due to be released, a not entirely serious film franchise.
Hurry up, Harry
Harry is back and wearing pinstripe (top). Eggsy wears chalkstripe and Merlin is back to pinstripe.

Pinstripe crusaders
Kingsman pinstripe tailored into a double-breasted suit becomes the surcoat of the white knight.

The second outing for Kingsman, subtitled The Golden Circle, also introduces Agent Tequila played by Channing Tatum (above). Tequila will be in pinstripe, naturally, with added points for wearing a bowler hat.

The Kingsman Collection

As with the first Kingsman film, Mr Porter have released a well-considered and exclusive Kingsman Collection of clothes and accessories in association with the best of British manufacturers and designers. There's a lot of pinstripe and a lot of double-breast.

Porter: 'The focus is on British heritage, with cloths sourced from traditional mills and hand-picked collaborations with classic brands.'

Harry's Navy Pinstriped Super 120s Wool Suit is made from cloth by William Halstead.

Kingsman Ties

To reflect their group loyalty and traditional attitudes, the Kingsman operatives often wear a club tie. It's made by Drake's and available for you to show affiliation.

Our Chums

All-in-all, it's a terrific collection by Mr Porter, defined as they say by 'simplicity and quality'. Being a bit of a swot, I made a list of the chums who have been brought in to put the collection together and it's mightily impressive:

Write the list down for your intel, memorise the names and then eat the list.

I've said it before, but the dour, scowling and Heineken-swilling bouncer we have in the Bond films nowadays just can't compete with the sartorial splendour and élan of Kingsman's Harry. If Bond's parents — the Scottish Andrew Bond and the Swiss Monique Delacroix — hadn't died in a hiking accident, they might want to discuss their son's attitude to his job.


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