Benn Meets Bond Pocket Square

Benn is 50

Turnbull & Asser know how to keep this pig squealing with rambunctious delight. They've brought out a series of Mr Benn pocket squares with a James Bond theme designed by Mr Benn creator David McKee.

A round of applause, gentlemen, please.
Limited editions, don't you know
T & C suplied a first batch of Mr Benn-themed pocket squares some years back. As Mr Benn celebrates his 50th anniversary this year — David is 82 — it seems apposite to bring out a couple more. As before, they're hand-printed and made in England. This time they introduce the winning appeal of James Bond.

Note they may have been wiped from the shelves when this goes to 'print' — limited editions, don't you know.

In The Changing Room pocket square above, Benn has the pistol and dinner suit combination we recognise from the Bond films. In The Shop below, Benn is choosing between catapult and pistol from the shopkeeper. Take both, sir.
Max Irons as Benn and Bond?
I do think they should make a feature film of Mr Benn. I've been suggesting this to people for some time now. Obviously, the wrong people. I'd pencilled Ralph Fiennes in as Benn originally, but I'm tending towards Max Irons now. I think I pencilled Max in as the next Bond too. He can do both. It would be fun to see what Christopher Nolan could do with the Benn character.

I fear any other British director would layer on so much award-garnering worthiness and moral correctness that we'd all be sent asleep.


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