Evergreen Ivy

Pitch-Perfect Outfit

The pictures you see here were to advertise a Grenfell raincoat exclusive to John Simons. I think it's from a couple of years back, but serves as an illustration of a complete outfit in every sense of the word. What an absolutely top-hole and timeless combination.

Ageless and evergreen
We have the raglan-sleeved raincoat in a tonic fabric, with what looks like wine-coloured Florsheim Imperial Kenmoor shoes (with triple leather sole), slightly lifted navy trousers with turnups, nice 3/2 roll tweed jacket, knitted red silk tie and blue Oxford button-down shirt. We can't quite see the belt, but we can gauge its appropriateness. Can anyone find fault? I know I can't. Okay, perhaps, if pushed, we'd want some Ripley glasses, but this is a disciplined and pitch-perfect outfit, gentlemen. Where could you not go dressed like this?

Even the chap's haircut is perfect for the outfit. Perhaps he's well-known to London's Ivy Legion? Step forward, sir, for a well-earned round of applause.

Forced to live in a photo for all eternity
If you can forgive this encomium, even the background in the top picture is perfect too: the Georgian townhouses, the tiled entrances, the cast iron railings, the lead box planters. If you were forced to live in a photo for all eternity, this would make a reasonable choice.
Ivy Replicants
How to assemble a similar look? I'm going to ask you to do some work of your own. Simply navigate the pages of The Tweed Pig to find the inspiration and the brands you need to put it all together. You're looking for tie? Here are some ties. And so on.

We recommend every label we feature. They won't let you down. And if you're proud of what you put together, get in touch. We'd be happy to share.


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