Music to Button a Cardigan By - Melancholie

Belgian Gloom

Jan Swerts is a composer and singer from Flanders. His minimalist piano and orchestral compositions tend to melancholy introspection to say the least. Do check out his albums if you're in reflective mood and looking for a soundtrack to a rainy afternoon in Bruges. The music is a perfect accompaniment to watching fallen leaves being swept along by the cold breeze outside Café Vlissinghe (1515).
Watching Fallen Leaves
Fellow Belgian, Illuminine, a.k.a Kevin Imbrechts (below), operates in a similar musical atmosphere. His music is also worth your attention when you're in the mood for the overcast.

Cardigan for the casket
It was expected and highly anticipated that the pair would collaborate, which they did on Melancholie from the 2015 album #1 Reworks by Illuminine.  As cardigan-buttoning music goes, you might consider this for that special cardigan to wear as you're lowered into your casket. (You should always look your best, although I'd expect you'll be wearing a suit to the day of reckoning.)

If you enjoy the odd forlorn song, you're in for a treat. Pure Belgian gloom, with a sound that couldn't come out of Brazil or one of those sunny, upbeat countries you read about.

One for the Music to Bury Me By playlist.


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