Handsome in Pink

The Masculine Possibilities of Pink

Following on from the unfathomable popularity of Laddies in Lavender, and a resplendent Sir Peregrine Worsthorne, it's time for an opportunistic reminder of the masculine possibilities of pink.

Nothing says self-assured more than pink, they say. Ask the great Jay Gatsby when he is wearing his pink suit. Although there is a convincing argument to be made that Jay was likely over-compensating for myriad insecurities. Insecurity is also a good reason to wear pink; re: nothing saying self-assured more than pink.

Our clean-cut American cousins can't be prised out of their Nantucket pinks in summer. Over in Great Britain, to extend the window of wearability, it might pay to think cosier when introducing pink to your timeless wardrobe. Pink corduroy trousers always look spectacular with a navy top half — particularly if you are wearing something like a classic English blazer from chums Benson & Clegg.

A pink cashmere sweater is a tremendous ally. You'll be surprised how often it will end up nestled between the shirt and tweed jacket you're wearing. There's a rule about wearing pink directly against pale Britisher-style skin (as demonstrated here). I forget if it's always a no-no or can be a good idea. I think it's a general no-no. So that's why a sweater in pink is doubly good.

Robert Old V-Neck

You should place the Tobermorey 4-ply cashmere sweater from Robert Old (1909) over a blue shirt and under a green tweed jacket with burgundy overpane checks. What can we say about such a classic v-neck? Only that the 'cashmere connoisseur will appreciate the wonderful lustre, density and durability of this sweater' and the level of mimetic desire it will induce will turn us into a nation of pink sweater wearers overnight. We want what our neighbours want, apparently — so choose your neighbours v. carefully indeed.

House of Bruar Weskit

The dusky rose Barrie 3-ply Cashmere Waistcoat from House of Bruar has a certain Cavalier attitude designed to irk the Roundhead establishment. It's fun to be with in other words.

I'm very much into sleeveless sweaters after the So English man. Sleeveless sweaters sit better under jackets, particularly those with tight armholes. Hardy Amies said something along those lines in The Englishman's Suit.

Huddersfield Textiles Corduroy

Developing a strong sense of masculine pride in your appearance is impossible when you don't possess a pair of pink corduroy trousers. You can deny this until you're pink in the face, but the science is there to back it up.

Huddersfield Textiles have an incredible shade of corduroy available. The 16oz Pink 8 Wale Corduroy creeps close to the shocking pink of Schiaparelli.

With that navy sweater or jacket, your legs can more than take it. Do I hear a rebel yell?


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