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Pink Power in Nantucket Reds


hink Pink. Pink trousers and shorts are a summer essential.

The different hues of blue from the dark of the Royal Navy blue to the light of the RAF blue are a staple for most male wardrobes, particularly shirts and sweaters. No surprise then that pink trousers and shorts fit in exceedingly well.

Classic casual examples are the Nantucket Reds from Murray's Toggery Shop in Nantucket, Massachusetts. Nantucket Reds are reputedly adapted from the uniform of the New York Yacht Club and the fetching faded pink looks great with an RAF blue shirt and Navy Blue sweater or vice versa, whether as shorts or long trousers. Murray's also have a selection with embroidered motifs if you're feeling daring.

I'm unaware of a UK stockist of authentic Murray's Nantucket Reds, but there are alternatives out there. Otherwise, why not get some shipped over if the shipping is agreeable. Who doesn't like waiting for a parcel? Better still, it would be a very nice excuse to take a trip over to that lovely part of the US.


  1. Brutus Crombie22 June 2011 at 21:53

    First off, let me say how much I appreciate your blog which is a much needed beacon of light in the sartorial darkness that is my mother country of Sweden, thank you. But pink trousers?! I really must disagree Sir,this is one of the things that is (firmly) better left to the Americans.

  2. Tak, sir. So, the pink trouser debate rages. Can we agree that there is a place for pink in a gent's wardrobe? A Garrick Club tie, perhaps?

  3. Brutus Crombie25 June 2011 at 18:25

    There is indeed a place for pink and I do wear pink shirts, ties and squares with pink in them etc. Trousers is where I do draw (my own personal I must add) the line though.
    I must confess that it´s more about brightly coloured trousers in genreal than pink as such.

  4. I really must disagree Sir,this is one of the things that is (firmly) better left to the Americans.

  5. Original Nantucket Reds are available from Orvis UK


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