March of the Mods - Pretty Green Enlists Weller

Liam Gallagher has recruited Paul Weller to design a few pieces for his Pretty Green clothing label. Pretty Green is named after a track on The Jam's classic Sound Affects album, and is certainly mod-inspired. Liam has said as much. He's also said that he didn't get involved in the label for the money, but because he loves classic men's clothes (and hates pointy shoes and the skinny look).

Clothes obsessive
I'm sure clothes obsessive Paul jumped at the chance. He's designed six items for summer - available from the 23rd of June - that include a pleated silk scarf and Egyptian cotton long-sleeve t-shirt. There will be a bigger range for Pretty Green from Weller in the autumn, with pea coats, knitwear and suits. He has collaborated in shoe design with Hudson Shoes before now, and also with Fred Perry polo shirts, but this is his first full range under his own name. Tweedy will be keeping a beady eye on this development.

It would be very easy to include a video of The Jam playing Pretty Green here, but I have a soft spot for the work Paul did with Tracie Young. Paul hired Tracie after placing an advertisement in the music press and auditioning. She provided backing vocals for songs at the tail end of The Jam and later with The Style Council.
No to the Brando/Dean combination
Some solo stuff came out of the period too, as with The House that Jack Built below. Paul looking good in the background in t-shirt and trousers. If you are going to wear a t-shirt, better make it a trousers combination rather than the Brando/Dean-style t-shirt and jeans. It's still a very difficult look to pull off. You have to be slim and careful, and pick the right t-shirt and trousers or it could look awful. Beware.


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