In the Swim with Chucs Dive and Mountain Shop

Chucs Dive and Mountain Shop in Dover Street, Mayfair, London has a selection of fine outdoor clothes for sun, surf, beach and mountain. Craftsmanship and finish is important to the proprietor, Charles Finch. Savile Row tailor Anderson & Sheppard helped with patterns, so too British fashion designer Giles Deacon, who designed an exclusive print for the men’s and women’s swimwear.

Charles Finch is an interesting character. The son of British-born actor Peter Finch, he grew up in France and Jamaica and, after talking about running a business such as Chucs (his nickname) for many years whilst working in the film industry, in 2008 he put that talk into action. Interestingly, his grandfather George, an explorer, is reputed to have invented the down-filled or puffa jacket for an ascent on Everest in 1922. Mr. Finch also produced an engaging quarterly, called, no surprises, Finch's Quarterly Review, which had interesting features on style, arts and culture.

At Tweed Towers, we appreciate the efforts made to have the clothes for Chucs manufactured in the UK, even if it has not been possible for everything. And Tweedy likes the unadulterated summer-weight blue cotton polo shirt matched with the Deacon-designed Positano swim shorts.

As they say on the Chucs website, 'A man’s finest hour is often not in the office or the boardroom, but on the sports field, the hill and at sea.'. And on the promenade of Weston-Super-Mare seafront.

“Our hope is that we will make the best quality clothing for ladies and gentlemen who care for such things…that we do so with heart and spirit, and that our customers Live Well – Stand Tall – Give Freely – Explore Often.”
Charles Finch, creator of CHUCS Dive & Mountain Shop


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