Edward Green Suede Derby at Trunk Clothiers

Good in Suede

The casual style of the Edward Green Dover Split Toe Derby available from Trunk Clothiers works very well in mink brown suede. Northampton shoemakers Edward Green make the shoe by hand on their 606 last, which produces a chiselled toe.

The shoe has the features you would expect from a derby, with open lacing attached on top of the vamp; and from a Norwegian-style split toe, with a seam at the front of the shoe.

Oak bark-tanned double soles have closed channel stitching, as opposed to the exposed stitching of a welted sole you will normally see on a bench-made shoe. It's a cosmetic touch, but it informs us of the level of thought and craftsmanship that has gone into these works of art.

Matts Klinsberg of Trunk

The handsome Mats Klingberg, founder of Trunk Clothiers, talks a little bit about his London shop in the video below. It may be from 2010, but his timeless look is as good today as it will always be. He walks it like he talks it, so to speak. And I think we need to give a round of applause to his nigh on perfect hair cut.

Way back in 2010 — when The Tweed Pig started incidentally — Mats thought British men had lost their way a little in terms of dress sense, despite providing the world with a template for timeless men's style.

Have we regained our poise? I will let you be the judge. Men of Britain — the eyes of the world are watching.


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