Paul Stuart for Spring

Picks from the Paul Stuart Collection

The Paul Stuart spring catalogue for their Phineas Cole line is out.  The collection is as strong and wearable as ever. Our Anglo-American friends include lots of nice touches from the mother country.

Herewith the items I circled.

Crest Tie in English Silk

Paul Stuart excel in the designs of their ties, conveying their brand of radically conservative and distinctive clothes for men. Case in point is the Striped Crest Motif Woven Silk Tie made in the US from woven English silk. The sort of tie that approximates what you might find in a regimental outfitters, with its royal coat of arms and stripes, but it has a modern sharpness about it.

I used to be unsure about ties that looked like club ties but didn't have a club to back them up, but I have now embraced them fully. After all, it's a bloody lovely tie with a super insignia. If you find yourself surrounded at work by flaccid men-children dressed in t-shirts and cargo shorts, this is just the sort of tie with which to dissociate yourself.

Linen Jacket

The Khaki Plain Weave Linen Sport Jacket involves three of the Five Eyes nations in its production: it is made in Canada for America's Paul Stuart from English linen. If a New Zealander living in Australia buys it, we've ticked all the boxes.

With my glasses on, I see double-stitching on the seams,  billow pockets at the hip and a smart peak lapel. Very nice.


  1. Five Eyes Dossier from Melbourne Station to Pig, Tweed re Khaki Plain Weave Linen Sport Jacket. Owing to unseasonable weather, local bon-ton have been considering safari suitage. Your recommendation achieves superior outcome while saving much embarrassment. Proceed with consignment.

    1. Appreciate SIGINT. Will check bona fides for blowback before timed drop of PS-PWLSJ. TP.


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