Silk Knot as a Buttonhole

The Sad Lapel 

If the lapel of your jacket is looking a little forlorn and in need of company — with too much 'open space' - a quick-and-dirty solution to add a little interest is to use a silk knot cufflink as a buttonhole. Like teaspoons, we may not recall ever buying these cufflinks, but have them by the box full, so we may as well make the bounders work harder.

Becoming a Twosomeness

And suddenly the lonesomeness becomes a twosomeness, as dear Nietzsche once remarked when discovering Spinoza. That prairie of a lapel suddenly gets a landmark.

This knot has similar colours to the geometric shapes in the Turnbull and Asser pocket square.

Spinoza said that the world 'would be happier if men had the same capacity to be silent that they have to speak'. And to lay off the tweeting. I will say no more on the subject, then. But if you feel this approach to furnishing a lapel is a little too makeshift, stay tuned for a purpose-built idea that might just tickle your fancy.


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