Victor Muller's Duffle Coat

Allegations of Stylishness

The Dutch businessman Victor Muller is the founder of Spyker Cars and former CEO of Saab. Dubbed 'the rock star of the car world', Victor is currently on trial with former Saab employees accused of tax evasion and other corporate irregularities. I can't say I'm following the trial too closely, but the duffle coat he wore to trail this week certainly caught my attention, and was looking particularly good with the blue scarf.

You don't see many duffle coats in such a light colour. What would you say? Creamy white? Light beige? I guess the traditional colour was camel for the coats put to service by the British Royal Navy out in the North Atlantic. (We've written plenty on the beloved duffle coat.)

Memory serves, perhaps incorrectly, that a polar white or cream version was used by British Commandos in the Norwegian Campaign in the Second World War. I was hoping Gloverall might have one such for us, but to no avail. Perhaps next winter.


  1. Hello

    It's a member of the Gloverall Team here. We did make an off white original Monty one Winter. At the moment there are no plans to reintroduce this colour, but you never know!

    FYI- we called the colour arctic white.

    Gloverall Team Xxx

    1. Great news! Reintroduce! And if I kiss you back will you send one over? Best wishes Tweedy x


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