Pleated Trouser Gathers Momentum

Neat Pleats 

A year on from our in-depth report into the pleated trouser phenomenon, the appearance of folds on the front of our nation's trousers has gathered momentum.

Witness the Alfred trouser from Berg & Berg you see here. Alfred is available from one of our favourite Scandinavian outfitters as a handsome pleated trouser in navy and dark grey woollen twill.

What they are attempting with these Naples-made trousers is a commendable move away from the proliferation of uncomfortable low-rise, high-crotch trews that have been strangely popular for too long. The trousers have a higher rise and a wider thigh than other styles in the Berg & Berg trouser range — for which we are truly thankful.

The trousers come unfinished at the hem, which got me thinking about alternatives that could be offered to the customer of ready-made trousers. I bought a pair of Tom Ford trousers recently, purely because the thickness and rigidity of the cotton twill used in their construction was like nothing I've ever witnessed — and I felt a challenge to see how they would 'break in'. Swiss-made, by the way. The reason I mention them is that they came unfinished at the hem, but also with belt hoops unattached in a bag. As the trousers have side-adjusters, I haven't added the belt hoops, but the rise is suitable for brace buttons. I may release a few pictures some time, but what a jolly good idea. I'm all for more choice.


  1. This is certainly a step in the right direction.
    One day, perhaps, men will also wear jackets that aren't at least one size too small.

    1. With you on the jackets. Best wishes, Tweedy

  2. Bring it on/back! Not a fan of heavy fabric pleated pants (e.g. chinos/cords), but for tailored trousers, pleats rule! That and cuffed bottoms.

    1. I once had a pair of pleated brown cords. The pleat seemed to go down to the knee almost. I think I liked them, but I know what you're saying. Thick fabric and pleats means danger of adding too much billow. Best wishes, Tweedy


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