So English

Enjoying a plate of oysters with cream and bacon at the  Crab House Café in Portland, Dorset, I spied our kind of chap at the next table wearing what I considered to be a perfect English kit for a spot of weekend grazing. (And he was sporting the newly popular Lord Lucan haircut to boot.)

Garb for Eating Crabs

I thought I would recreate his perfect crab-eating ensemble below. Note that these won't be the exact items. I would never dream of asking someone where their clothes were from or interrupting their meal. In fact, if we aren't introduced there isn't going to be any conversation at all. It's called boundaries, gents.

Harvie & Hudson - Pink Shirt in Large Gingham Check

The shirt was pink and in a large gingham check much like the one from Harvie & Hudson here.

The shirt sleeves were rolled to the elbows and the collar stiffeners were left out — as far as I could see from my table — daring!

Alan Paine - Navy Lambswool Tank Top

Worn over the shirt, a tank top (slipover or sweater vest in global currency) keeps the diner warm, but allows for freedom of movement when breaking the shell of a crab with a deft whack of a hammer.

Our good friends at Alan Paine have a great range of tank tops in winter and summer colours and fabrics.

The diner wore something like the navy lambswool v-neck here.

Ede & Ravenscroft - Checked Trousers

Wool checked trouser with reverse pleats and side-adjusters from Ede & Ravenscroft. Often, it's the jacket in this kind of fabric worn with a plain trouser. Here we challenge the orthodoxy and reverse the order.

This style from E&R has been selling like hotcakes, so you need to be quick before they disappear for the start of the summer season.

Alfred Sargent - Suede Tassel Loafers

Finally, our diner wore suede tassel loafers similar to the Carrol from the Alfred Sargent Handgrade range (top photo) in tobacco suede with a calf grain tassel.

So there you have it, the perfect kit for English casual dining. If you have suggestions for tweaks, do pop a comment below. Enjoy your meal.


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