The Admirable Cordings Anytime, Anywhere Jacket

The Only Jacket You Will Ever Need?

Cordings have a new summer collection out, which includes what many would consider to be the perfect jacket for almost any occasion. Come ye lovers of classic style, come ye fogeys, mods and preppies. This jacket has something for us all — meaning our kind of intersectionality.

I don't think I'm going out on a major limb when I say that the Fitrovia jacket from Cordings is perfect for any chap of any age on practically any occasion. The Thousand Guineas (at Newmarket — my favourite racecourse), a mod weekender, a sung Eucharist at a High Anglican church — this jacket can take them all on. Dammit, you could even wear it to one of the Queen's garden parties.

So what earns this jacket a place in the sartorial empyrean? The 11oz silk and cotton (in equal measures) herringbone fabric, woven in the UK, is ideally suited for the summer season. The relaxed style of the jacket, with its patch pockets, means that it works for more occasions, but always keeps things civilised.

Traditional ivy league bods and mods recognise that herringbone is one of the most versatile jacketing fabrics, always working so well with Oxford pinpoint button-down shirts.

The loose, bumpy weave of the fabric in such a neutral colour works very well with a bold regimental tie in super-smooth silk for contrast.

The jacket has a delightful half-lining printed with Cordings hunting scenes. Who doesn't like that kind of detail? If ever there was trend for wearing jackets inside-out — and it wouldn't surprise me — then this would be the jacket to choose.

Adding a woollen tie to the jacket, we're venturing into all-victorious love and hearts no longer roving territory.

Cordings the Dog?

Do you know, I'm so taken with this jacket that I think my next dog will be called Cordings. 'Here Cordings, come on boy.' I like it a lot. It was going to be Major, but hang that. The search continues by the way.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks William. It's a beaut alright. Best wishes, Tweedy

    2. Its a cracker alright tweedy,and some great photos there.
      All you need now is the border terrier....

    3. Thanks Jim. Trying to up my game on the photos front. Cordings the border terrier. Sounds good. Best wishes, Tweedy

  2. Are the shoulders as padded as Cording's winter tweeds or is it a more relaxed shoulder?

    1. There's some padding there RB. I would say about the same -- classic Cordings.


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