Brackish Original Feather Bow Ties

In Fine Feather

On a road trip with friends from the Florida Keys to New York, a highlight stopover was Charleston, South Carolina, enjoying its ample southern charms; by which I mean hardly moving from a splendid bar in which we decided to pitch camp. The bar appeared to have some history and had a classic American layout, with a large square serving area at the centre. Ceiling fans on high ceilings cut the air slowly above our heads as we quaffed cooling, foamy beers to escape the sultry southern summer weather. I have no idea what the bar was called, but it comes highly recommended if it's still operating. And do consider exploring the old town of Charleston (preferably sober)  — named after our very own  King Charles II —  as it's rather well-preserved and splendid-looking.  

Brackish Ties, hailing from Charleston, do something rather unique and unusual with feathers. They use feathers to craft bow ties and other accessories by hand.

The idea for Brackish started in 207 when Ben Ross made a set of bow tie from turkey feathers for his wedding. A couple of years later, with partner Jeff Plotner, Brackish set up production in Charleston. The company now utilises the skills of fifty craftsmen.

The striking Etna bow tie in the top photo is made from pleasant pheasant feathers. The feathers are as nature intended so each tie is different. The complementary wraps in the centre of their bow ties are made from fabric or hand-stitched snakeskin. Due to the delicate nature of the materials they use to make the bow ties, they obviously come ready-tied.

For a white-tie occasion, the ruffled Carew from goose feathers adds a decadent touch:

Brackish accessories come in equally artisanal packaging. Each bow tie is pinned and mounted like a butterfly in a pine box.

Stick a Feather in Your Cap (or Lapel)

Stuck a feather in his cap and called it Macaroni. Not quite with these subtle pins from Brackish, which can be pinned to a hat or attached to a lapel.

The pins are made from the thorns of wild plums, which are dried before the feathers are secured in place. The pins are presented in a copper box.


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