The Artisan Perfumer

L' Artisan Parfumeur

Paris-based French perfume house L' Artisan Parfumeur was established in 1976 by Jean Laporte to specialise in unusual scents.  The house was acquired by Bacelona-based perfume group Puig — a third-generation family business —  in 2015. Puig also acquired the wonderful Penhaligon's at the same time from a US private equity firm who owned both brands.

Caveat emptor — it's good to be under no illusions as to the companies who are behind the brands we love, but all things considered, I think these brands will be safer in the hands of Puig than a bunch of faceless investors who might not care the way we do about preserving things.

Anyway, back to L' Artisan Parfumeur. They produce great scents. As you can see from the top photo, I'm quite a fan. I'm happy that Puig have promised not to discontinue their classics, although I see a couple of names missing from the current line-up. Perhaps they will re-introduce and rest scents, like most perfume houses do, based on prevailing trends.

If I were to choose, I guess Dzongkha would be a favourite from L' Artisan Parfumeur. The scent is herbal and leathery with floral notes of 'peonies, lychees and iris'.

Tea for Two might run second. It is presented as smoky tea perfume, which initially blasts you with an intense tobacco smell, then settles down into a warm, woody and spicy evocation. You can wear this, probably more for the evening than day, all year round.

I find both of these fragrances last forever on my skin.

Lost Their Bottle

One thing that has changed over at L' Artisan Parfumeur is the look of the bottles. The heptagonal shape of the bottle and lid remain, but they've gone for a black lid instead of the gilt and a smoky glass instead of clear glass. The labels are now all-white. I prefer the older style of bottle, and I think they look better in my bathroom, but then I hate change.

Offensive Weapon

One thing to say about the bottles and lids — and I believe this has been retained — is that they're supremely solid and heavy. Seriously, you could do someone in with one of these bottles, which could be an idea if you're thinking of writing a whodunit.

In all reverence, I say Heaven bless the whodunit, the soothing balm on the wound, the cooling hand on the brow, the opiate of the people.


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