Dalvey Flask with Cup

One for the Sporran

Dalvey (1897) of Ross-shire, Scotland, were reinvigorated by current director Sir Patrick Alexander Benedict Grant in 1988. They started out as a bagpipe manufacturer, and under Sir Patrick's stewardship have expanded into men's clothes and accessories, most famously the Dalvey Flask — a round-bottomed flask designed to fit conveniently in your sporran. You don't wear a sporran all the time? The hip pocket of you Barbour wax jacket will do just fine.

A Dalvey innovation is the patented Dalvey Flask with Cup. I'm always attracted to gadgets and accessories that have a whiff of Q Division about them, and this flask is no exception. (Note: Q Division, as depicted in the Bond film franchise, hasn't been the same since they decided Q should be an 'anorak' like Ben Whishaw's character.)

The patented design of the stainless steel flask, slim and tactile like all Dalvey flasks, rather ingeniously incorporates a telescopic cup into the back so that you can dispense a libation to the vicar and not have him suffer the indignity of glugging straight from the flask.


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