Music to Button a Cardigan By - Primitive Painters

Britain's Best Undiscovered Pop Star

It's impossible not to like a singer who sacked his drummer for having curly hair. With such dedication to his craft, it's clear that Lawrence, of Felt and Denim, and latterly of Go-Kart Mozart, could only ever devote his life to the art of pop music.

Yet the accolades fall on, well, never mind. Here at The Tweed Pig we seek out products and creations that have stood the test of time — the local survivors who stay true to what they do and don't bend with the wind to please current sensibilities, be that a restaurant in Budapest since 1877, a manufacturer of fishing flies since 1863, or a fey singer from the English Midlands since the 1980s.

Felt's Primitive Painters [Amazon], which we add to the Music to Button a Cardigan By collection, was released as a single in 1985. The song was produced by Robin Guthrie of the Cocteau Twins, with the Cocteau's Elizabeth Fraser singing backing vocals to great effect — incredible singer. Primitive Painters is included as track on Felt's Ignite the Seven Cannons (on Cherry Red), an album produced by Robin and released in the same year.

Find yourself a decent cardigan to put on and listen to this on good equipment, and listen loud.

Lawrence's Cardigan

Neatly, Lawrence — once described as 'Britain's Best Undiscovered Pop Star' — is also a fan of cardigans (and hats).

Nice Breton stripes under the cardie here.

I think I will look into the Saturno style of hat for summer. Thanks Lawrence.


  1. Ah, another Lawrence fan. Never quite understood why Felt weren't more popular. Odd.

    1. Thanks LBF. Not sure. The vagaries of stardom. Not being willing to play the game. Best wishes, Tweedy

  2. Sleeves on his cardigan are too long.

    1. Or are his arms too small? Best wishes, Tweedy


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