Private White Waxed Cotton Jacket

Active Duty Jacket

I couldn't tell you the name of this model of waxed cotton jacket from Private White VC, and I don't think it's available right now, but I find it a perfect choice when worn with a thick sweater when I'm on active duty yomping 'cross country or along the coast. I can get away with not wearing an overcoat that I'd be wanting to take off all the time. The two billows pockets at the hip compensate somewhat for the loss of storage from jettisoning a coat.

A thick Guernsey sweater offers a perfect middle layer. There really is no warmer sweater than one of these woollen 'chain mail' jobs.

Like any waxed cotton clothes, you can also use the jacket to sit on and enjoy an impromptu picnic or cigar without getting your seat damp. Intended for outdoor pursuits, as the jacket fades, discolours and stains — cigar ash marks already provided by yours truly — it will only get better looking.

A silk cravat can be tucked into the opening of the shirt or tied under the collar.

Because of the waxed cotton, the jacket also offers some protection from the wind; and if the clouds move and rain is likely, part of me will stay dry. I'm not a sugar lump, so rain isn't a major concern; although I try and keep a brolly handy at all times.

As it's a four-button jacket, for movement (biking, hill climbing, donkey-back on the beach) I'm prone to button in the Edwardian hacking style: top button only.

Like the painting of his brother by English classicist painter Arthur Hacker here:

Sidney Hacker had some swagger by the looks of it. And magnificent red hair.

At The Tweed Pig we're highly supportive of British manufacturing and in particular its contribution to the heritage of traditional men's clothing. Private White does so much in this respect: they manufacture their own label clothes from their factory in Manchester and they also promote and sell the best British heritage brands. Naturally, we've covered them extensively at The Tweed Pig.


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  2. Perfectly justified button hint! I will make use of it with my waxed one:

    1. Thanks Waldek. Makes a change. Best wishes, Tweedy.


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