English Hair Styles

With all the cropped vintage hairstyles around at the moment, perhaps other styles popular in the 1930s should be considered. There's something for everyone on the picture above.

The aptly-named Regent would appear to be high maintenance, and the Manchester might require the least work.

Our friend below appears to favour an Argent to keep the hair from falling into his eyes when reading.

Here we see what appears to be a Military with a touch of Chester. A good, sensible proposition that gives him the appearance of a conscientious worker.

If you don't have the natural waves for a Chester, you can ask your barber to set them. I'm sure he'd be up for the challenge.


  1. Thanks for sharing these ideas! I love men`s classy hairstyles . My hubby wears side-parted fade and I adore his look.

    1. Thanks Jess. Your hubby could work his way through all of them. I'd be interested to see the results. Best wishes, Tweedy.

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