Dunhill - Gentlemen's Clubs and Spearpoint Collars

Dunhill for Winter

Spearpoint collars and overcoats and jackets in good, heavy fabrics are what I take away from Dunhill's winter campaign. I look at the spearpint-collared shirts in the collection and suddenly decide I'm a spearpoint man. I'm like that. Note that spearpoint collars look poor without a tie — they're a commitment to smartness.

But, you know what? There's something missing from these photos — a good Dunhill pipe. The clothes are crying out for one.

The campaign aims to evoke the timeless appeal of the gentlemen's clubs of Pall Mall and St. James's and beyond, and features a suave-looking Max Irons sporting the fetching greeny-blue glen check overcoat above and the grey herringbone tweed jacket below.

Might I suggest we have our next Bond? Bond is meant to have a cruel-looking mouth, as Fleming put it, as well as Scottish and Swiss parentage. I think Max would pass. (I'm always on the lookout for the next Bond, but do they listen?)

Dress Reform

The video for the Dunhill campaign was shot at the Reform Club — notable members including Thackeray, Churchill (resigned), Conan Doyle and H. G. Wells. The building was designed by Charles Barry and remains largely intact since 1841, as does the admirably civilised dress code — jacket and tie a must.


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