Persuaded by Bath Gin

Gin Soaked

They say we can't get enough of gin at the moment. Over 50 new gin distilleries have opened in Britain in the past two years — not to mention the dedicated gin bars. That's a lot to sample, but I'm up for it if you are.

Bath Gin is from a local (to me) micro-distillery associated with the Canary Gin Bar in Bath.

In the above picture you see an individual bottle — with the cheekily winking Jane Austen logo — served with a vintage Staffordshire bone china cup and saucer in Regency blue from Paragon. Guests at Tweed Towers thought the gin tasted well in porcelain. (Such beautiful china came out of The Potteries. We must do a proper feature on the remaining factories in the 'five towns'.)

Bath Gin is created in small batches and has a unique blend of ten botanicals with wormwood and kaffir lime leaves given prominence. Jolly excellent stuff. The Canary Gin Bar is whizzo too.

Tweedys' Request: If you are an independent gin producer, please get in touch if you would like to be featured. Our readers want to get to know you. We have emptied a cupboard at Tweed Towers in anticipation of any free samples. By the way, we can empty another one for whisky if any whisky producers are reading this. We switch to whisky in the main during the cold months.


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