Christmas Stocking Fillers - Oxford Socks

Oxford Socks - Easy to Wrap

If the thought of buying presents for Christmas is inducing conniptions, here's a little stocking-filler idea suitable for your pimply nephew or your ruddy-cheeked uncle.

Oxford Socks are designed in Oxford, England, and manufactured in Nottingham, England, by a family-firm that have been making socks for over a century. The cotton socks are knitted in a circular motion to create a tube, and then the toe seam is hand finished. There's a little umbrella logo on the ankle. And they come in a wrapping-friendly carton.

Our friends at Tails stock them, and they say the sock-making process "results in a pair of socks that can't be replicated by machine".

The ones you see here are in a ribbed design, are available in lots of plain colours, and are damned comfortable.

Merry Christmas, Tweedy.

Tweedy's Thought: It's become a clichéd idea that socks are a lazy present to give. Wrong. Dead wrong. I am extremely grateful to receive a pair of well-chosen socks, keeping the sock drawer well-stocked. 


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