Christmas Film - Blood and Cardigans

Tales from the Crypt

The tea things have been laid down; the Miles Darjeeling tea is brewing (2-4 mins) and the Fortnum and Mason rose petal biscuits are plated, along with the chocolates from Melt.

Time to settle down to a good film. And what better than a good horror film at Christmas? One featuring blood and cardigans sounds appropriate for the festive period. Tales from the Crypt [Amazon] — a British classic from 1972 — has both in spades. Actually, not that much blood. But a cast that includes Joan Collins, Peter Cushing and Sir Ralph Richardson. And it's directed by the great Freddie Francis.

Tales from the Crypt is actually a collection of five morality tales. The first of which has a Christmas backdrop as a bonus. Five people become separated from a guided tour of some catacombs and, lost, they end up in a crypt where a mysterious man — the crypt-keeper — appears to know all about them and what each of their futures may hold. They're not going to like what they hear very much.

Terrific Knitwear

Robin Philips wears some terrific knitwear in the film. Worth the entry ticket on their own, frankly.

Be on the look out for longer cardigans, like the lighter blue one at the bottom here. And as worn by Dirk Bogarde. I predict they'll be a smash for 2014.

Merry Christmas, Tweedy.


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