Augustus Hare - Bow Tie Ballet

Move Over Ryan Gosling

Remember The Cricketer tie from Augustus Hare we featured back in June? Yes, very nice tie. I trust you now have one in your collection. Well we also mentioned that Hare were working on a dance piece "to illustrate the artistry of tying a bow tie". I was really looking forward to seeing the finished article.

It happened and it's here. And it's great.

Very dear friend of six months, Sam Carlisle of Augustus Hare got in touch to say it was ready. And — knowing how wonderfully sophisticated you all are — he wanted The Tweed Pig readers to be some of the first people to share it with.

Not only that, we also have a supporting feature showing the production process for a bespoke Hare tie to view together.

You can throw all your Ryan Gosling DVDs on to the fire. Stay tuned to The Tweed Pig for the best in film.

Augustus Hare - How to Tie a Bow Tie

Augustus Hare - Art of a Hand Made Tie

Hare Live Event

Meet Sam in person at Selfridges between now and December the 15th, where Hare are making ties in-store. If you have one made, I wouldn't mind a gander. Send us a pic.


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