Christmas Stocking Fillers - GTO London

Classic Steering Wheel Cufflinks

Here's a stocking filler for someone you like a lot and wears double-cuff shirts: cufflinks from GTO London. And if they are classic car enthusiasts, well they are likely to be eternally amazed by your thoughtfulness and generosity. Perfect for my aunt then.

The cufflinks you see — Volante RFM Cufflinks — are based on the three-prong steering wheel of a classic Ferrari. Don't pin me down on models of Ferraris, I know nothing about cars. Classic Ferraris are handsome beasts, that's all we need to know.

The cufflinks are made by hand using sterling silver and actual metal from a classic Ferrari, or Real Ferrari Metal (RFM) as GTO London put it, with a yellow enamel centre.

GTO London manufacture in Europe and the US.

Real Ferrari Metal?

Where do GTO London get this so-called RFM metal from?  This is all very clever. GTO London’s parent company is GTO Engineering. GTO Engineering have been restoring classic cars for 30 years from their base in Berkshire, England. They specialise in restoring the most celebrated Ferraris. Parts from the Ferrari restorations that are no longer viable are re-cycled by GTO London. By-products of the restoration process that have a high content of bronze are melted down with subtle additions of silver and gold and used in the RFM Collection.

GTO Engineering is a family business founded by Mark Lyon. His daughter, Victoria, runs GTO London.

Merry Christmas., Tweedy.


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