Falcon Enamelware (1921)

Falcon Enamelware (1921)

A bone china cup and saucer are going to be the default for your tea drinking. One with Made in Stoke-on-Trent, England stamped on the bottom, I'm hoping. But there will be times you need something a bit more robust.

Perhaps you're out on a day's fishing (see Passion for Angling for bucolic scene setting). Here a classic Falcon Enamelware mug or tumbler will fit the bill. You could pop one in your Brady fishing bag. Hell, you could even pop in one of their teapots too. Less susceptible to breakage than the fancy one Morrissey carries around with him.

The Falcon brand is owned by Sheffield-based Nimbus.

Keep an eye on Falcon, they're introducing vibrant new colours — the enamelling process is well-suited to capturing them— and increasing their range. The teapot is a new development. Or is it a re-introduction from their archive? The range of tumblers you see below are being extended with additional limited edition colours. The two on the right as you're looking at them.

(We received a heated comment on the appropriateness of metal teapots here. I'm generally pro. Feel free to join in.)


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