Shoes are People Too - Roullier White Shoe Reviver

Good News for Shoes

I suppose, from time to time, we all wonder what our shoes would say if they could talk. They'd probably ask why they're not looked after better, and not without merit, I'd wager. Why don't you cheer up your possibly glum shoes with a refreshing blast of Mrs White's Good News for Shoes?

Mrs White's is the home and beauty range of products from Roullier White of London.

Made in England, Good New for Shoes contains essential oils of cedar wood, frankincense and patchouli to put a goodyear-welted spring back in the step of the most jaded brogue, the most fagged out desert boot. The properties of the spray are naturally anti-bacterial and moth-deterring.

I tried the spray on my black oxfords. It may have been the light, but I swear I saw a little smile appear on the toe cap, and perhaps a little tear of joy.


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