Condensed Madrid #4 - The Food Special

I can't believe the shoes from my last Madrid trip have sneaked onto another photo. They're such exhibitionists.

Anyway, here we come to the final installment of Tweedy's Condensed Madrid — The Food Special.

After doing the 'Salamanca Square' and having your elevenses at Mallorca, your stomach's rumbling and you're looking for something more substantial to eat.

Suggestions: Daniela for cocido madrileño and the Mercado de San Anton for quality Spanish food.

Daniela for Cocido Madrileño

If you're a fan of robust, un-frenchified food — and not fashion food — look no further than the Madrid institution of cocido madrileño. It's a meat and vegetable stew, with chick peas and chorizo and black pudding. An unpretentious and unchanging part of Madrid's food culture. Extremely filling.

Daniela, another Madrid institution, do it best. Go on Sunday and sit amongst conservatively-dressed Spanish families taking time to enjoy long mealtimes together. They have four taverns dotted around the city. I prefer the one nearest the Bernabau stadium. A good place for a meal after a Real Madrid game too.

You're served — by uniformly matronly waitresses — the soup that comes from the stew first and then the stew.

Chueca - The Soho of Madrid

Let's now send you somewhere that was something of a local's secret on my last trip. The Mercado de San Anton is in the Chueca district — the Soho of Madrid. A more casually-dressed part of town. You can probably leave your tie at home today.

The Mercado de San Anton is a food market with food stalls arranged over several stories. On the top floor is the La Cocina de San Anton, a bar and restaurant. Excellent hams. What was the delicious thing I ate there? I think it was oxtail with something. Sorry, can't remember. It was superb though, I can assure you.

The market has nice ambience and the best local and Spanish produce to be had. I'd suggest you go here for a vermouth and bite on Saturday lunchtime.

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