Abraham Moon - Donegal Tweed

Abraham Moon - Donegal Tweed Jacket by John Lewis

One of our Abraham Moon posts is very popular. Three years later, I still wear that jacket. Still indestructible. I deduce from this popularity that you chaps are fond of the cloth produced by Abraham Moon and Son. And you're fans of Dirty Harry.

How about this then:

It's a cloth of flecked Donegal tweed Moon has produced exclusively for a jacket by John Lewis — the JOHN LEWIS & Co. Abraham Moon Donegal Blazer. There's a lot of Donegal tweed around this winter. Not to worry. It's a classic. When it disappears from collections it doesn't matter. We shall continue to wear it.

Nice chambray lining.

Tweedy's Request: I still don't get enough correspondence from British Mills telling me about the wonderful cloths they produce. Come on. Speak to Tweedy.


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